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Betty Q. Hixson

As much as we love the fact that technology is advancing with every sunrise, doesn’t it sometimes feel a little scary? Having your information locked and accessible only by you, but somehow feeling exposed?

Things have become so easy that not only a determined criminal, but also someone who’s just curious, can dig up a shocking amount of information about another person online. From social security numbers, passwords, credit cards, social media information, bank accounts–everything is just floating in a big matrix. We often like to pretend we‘re someone else, but there are cybercriminals who actually do that and identity theft is no joke.

Having to pay for something you didn’t order, not being able to access your bank account, or not being able to get medical treatment is very serious damage and it can take years to recover from.

Although it feels like an uphill battle, we are here to help, by narrowing down the best identity theft protection services considering reputation, features, quality, pricing, and more. So buckle up!

Top 5 Picks For Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Identity theft can be a very stressful, expensive and time-consuming event, which can be hard to recover from. If you are serious about your protection but you feel overwhelmed, you are in the right place.

We are familiar with large-scale data breaches continuing to harm businesses around the world. It is the concern of many people, and we are here to help–with narrowing down the best identity theft tools for prevention, monitoring, and fighting back. We’ve established the best identity theft protection services, but now’s the time to dig a little deeper into each one individually and provide you with facts, features, and overall track record.

  1. Identity Guard: Overall Best Identity Theft Protection Service, Editor’s Pick
  2. Aura: Best Identity Security & Fraud Protection Online
  3. Credit Squad: Affordable ID Theft Protection For Families
  4. LifeLock: Best For Identity Theft Insurance
  5. ExtraCredit: Top ID Theft Site For Credit Monitoring

#1.Identity Guard: Overall Best Identity Theft Protection Service, Editor’s Pick

Identity Guard, owned by Aura, is a company from Virginia that has been on the market for quite a while. It was founded in the 1990s, when the world wide web was becoming more and more dominant. Since then, this identity protection firm has served around 50 million customers and almost everyone is giving them a rate of A+.

The company’s main goal right from the get-go was identity protection in the digital age.

Ambitious to determine what Identity Guard offers, we did our homework and took a deep dive into every aspect of service that this company has to offer, like pricing, security, customer support, details about the subscription, customers support and their mobile application.

Identity Guard offers a variety of plans, which we will break down in a little while. The features of each one have unique benefits, to help you choose the most suitable one for you. You need to be aware that your digital identity is constantly at risk and you need to fight back with constant protection. You can’t go wrong with Identity Guard when it comes to preventing identity theft.


Here are all the ways that Identity Guard can protect us from identity theft.

Theft prevention

It’s fair to say that Identity Guard is among the best identity theft protection services we’ve stumbled across. They will give you a heads-up if someone else files a tax return in your name, and they will do it at the speed of light.

Identity Guard observes for information breaches, false utilization of restorative records, false property-title changes, and they will specify your title in payday credits. It also has browser expansions and anti-phishing apps to avoid information spills from your gadgets.

A very cool feature of this brand is that they will send you a report from Social Understanding, just as a friendly reminder that you are oversharing on social media.

Identity Guard also has credit card monitoring, which is a huge plus and goes a long way from their competitors.


Scanning the dark web

Oh the dark web, the corner of the internet where everyone remains anonymous, is filled with cybercrime! But with your subscription to Identity Guard, you will get alerts every time it stumbles on your credentials. Hopefully that never happens, but some customers have experienced this issue and we’re very glad that they had Identity Guard watching their back.

Criminal and sex offense monitoring

You will get an alert if the system catches your name on a sex offender registry or police report.

USPS address change monitoring

The team of Identity Guard will notify you if someone is trying to change your address.

Safe browsing tools

Identity Guard has a browser expansion that makes a difference in ensuring your protection online, battling against phishing assaults, blocking advertisements, streak and trackers.


Identity Guard offers three reasonably priced plans–

Value plan

This is the cheapest from the company, with a price of ten dollars per month less. Don’t be distracted with the first sentence, there is a lot to like here with a wide range of recovery and insurance coverage.

Another impressive option is the Risk Management Score which helps you figure out your next step for protection.

Total plan

This is an upgrade on what the previous plan offers, and comes with a lot of monitoring features. With this plan, you will get coverage that notifies any shady change in your credit reports.

Ultra plan

This is the highest efficiency of protections, with everything Value and Total offers, but more. It keeps a close watch on your credit details, and is aware of everything if you plan to take out a loan or mortgage in the near future.

The ultra plan also has a “social insight” feature which helps with your social media presence and reputation.

All of the plans are accessible for people and as family plans, which incorporate assurances for up to 10 people within the same family. Moreover, you’ll spare up to $5 per month on the off-chance that you charge every year, depending on your plan.

Credit monitoring

What gives you more assurance of your identity, than someone monitoring and keeping a close eye on your credit?

To be fair this feature is only available for the Total and Ultra plans, but it shouldn’t be a long stretch to upgrade your plan and never have a sleepless night again. You also gonna receive monthly credit score updates.

Financial monitoring

Taking a small turn from credit scores and changes, Identity Guard is monitoring your finances. It keeps a close watch on all your assets, from the smallest investment on your account to a higher-risk transaction from your credit card. You will get a notification shortly after someone takes over or opens your name.


  • Full-service identity theft protection
  • 3 plans to choose from
  • Up to $1 million in identity theft coverage
  • Data breach notifications
  • Bank account monitoring
  • USPS address change monitoring
  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence
  • Facebook timeline analysis


  • Does not offer a money-back guarantee
  • More costly than other competitors
  • Doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service

#2.Aura: Best Identity Security & Fraud Protection Online

The founder of the company Hari Ravichandran became interested in cyber criminality in 2014, when his credit card information was stolen. The event inspired him to look into identity theft and do something about it.

When you have a personal motive to start a company, there’s no doubt you have people’s interests in mind. It’s remarkable how Aura is at the head of the table for such a short period of time.

From a fairly new player to a leading identity protection company, Aura is revolutionizing digital security with the usage of military and large financial institutions just for the sake of their customers, and keeping their personal information as private as possible.

Their reputation is built on a highly advanced technology that requires absolutely no technical experience. You can easily start and feel more protected within 2 minutes–monitoring your financial data, social security number, personal info and so much more.

Aura really shines with the fact that they draw information from so many sources, and constantly check dark websites, broker lists, name, address and other private information. We assure you that if you’ve been a victim of identity theft, Aura knows who did it.

Also with Aura’s customizable packages, you can cover the protection of your family members, even up to ten people and devices.

Something that makes Aura stand out is their promise that if potential fraud happens, they will send an alert four times faster than their competitors.


Identity theft protection

As a highly rated service on the market for identity theft protection, Aura keeps a close watch on all your financial data, personal details and more. With Aura, you can effortlessly manage your online accounts, store passwords in a secure place, enjoy an easily accessible platform, and stay one step ahead of criminals trying to impersonate you.

  • Personal information and ID monitoring: We don’t want info such as ID numbers floating around the internet. Aura notifies us if this information fell into the wrong hands.
  • Social Security and ID authentication monitoring: Aura monitors the internet to check if someone is using our Social Security numbers, doing a transaction or opening a new bank account.
  • Criminal and court record: What if a criminal is trying to impersonate you? Aura to the rescue once again! They will send you a notification if any of your records show up in court.

Credit and fraud protection

This service will let you sleep easy, knowing that your finances are safe. Aura sends an alert if there is a breach in your credit score, like a new credit card or bank loan. Also pay close attention to your monthly credit score. You can get updates weekly or even daily.

  • Credit lock: With Aura, you have full control of locking and unlocking your Experian credit file when needed.
  • Financial fraud monitoring: In some cases, more is better, but not when it comes to names on our bank accounts. If there is unusual activity or if someone is adding or removing names from your bank account, Aura sends alerts.

Device and network protection

Despite identity theft services, Aura can provide two different digital security services.


There are more than 700 million malware programs in the world with an average discovery of 350 hundred threats each day. Yikes.

Thankfully, the antivirus that Aura offers is shown to be highly effective in scanning, detecting, and removing threats.


Our internet connection will be safeguarded by Aura’s VPN, which uses military-grade encryption for any activity hidden from cybercriminals. We will feel much safer when using public Wi-Fi.

Insurance coverage of 1 million dollars

With COVID-19 and everything going on, research conducted in the last two years shows that the victims of identity theft are through the roof, with an estimated loss of $5 billion dollars, in just 24 months.

Aura’s insurance covers up to $1 million which makes them a company with the highest standard in the industry. They cover wage losses, child care, CPA costs, and more.

Plans and packaging

Aura has six different options to choose from, depending on your needs. The Basic plan costs $8 per month and offers important services like online account monitoring, antivirus protection and lost wallet repair for one adult. The Ultimate Family Plan is $30 per month and covers upto ten persons and ten devices.

All of the features, including all-in-one identity and financial fraud protection, as well as Aura’s white-glove resolution services in the event of identity or financial fraud, are included in the Ultimate Family Plan.


  • Plans start at $10 per month and go up from there
  • Data encrypted using AES-256
  • Aura pulls monitoring information from several sources including public records, the dark web, new account records, and data broker lists
  • Uses all three credit bureaus for monthly monitoring


  • Part of Five Eyes intelligence alliance consisting of US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
  • No live online support
  • Customers have had some difficulty navigating the Android app

#3.Credit Squad: Affordable ID Theft Protection For Families

Credit Squad, is a fairly new company from New York, is slowly climbing the ladder of success. The company aims to make a big name for themselves in the industry with their highly effective service and guidance that you won’t find in their competitors.

With signing up, you give Credit Squad the information you want to be traced, and they do exactly that with their Light Watch scanning technology.

If Light Watch detects any of your information on the internet you will receive a real-time alert. And if you, unfortunately, became a victim of identity theft, the company will provide you with insurance coverage of up to $1 million in losses.

They strive to help people in making the best decisions for their finances, and have the ideology of “more bank for your bucks”, which is reassuring when it comes to trust, safety, and protection of personal data.

There are different plans to choose from, ranging from basic one-bureau credit monitoring to three-bureau credit monitoring with identity theft protection.


Identity theft protection

Credit Squad is hands-down in the top 5 personality burglary assurance firms, keeping in mind the benefits for the clients and 24/7 United States-based support and credit counselors, that gives financial advice no matter what plan you choose.

Credit Squad offers various levels of credit monitoring, but all of the plans that include identity theft protection services come with the same level of coverage. These services can warn you if someone is trying to use your identity to take out a loan or open an account in your name, and also help you recover from identity theft.

After signing up for one of the identity theft plans, you can tell the company which information you want to be tracked. This can include your name, email address, phone numbers, medical ID numbers, SSN, bank accounts and up to 10 credit card numbers.

Plans and pricing

The range of prices for Credit Squad is from $14 to $25 per month. It all depends on individual protection and the plan you have your eye on. There is an additional option for family protection. These are the plans that Credit Squad offers with a little abbreviation for each one.

3 bureau score monitoring

It goes without saying that this is the most basic monitoring plan, with the cheapest subscription a month. It includes monitoring, reporting, and credit scores from the three major credit bureaus–also, a monthly ScoreTracker.

1B monitoring and ID theft

The second plan is a little more vigorous. It offers one bureau monitoring through Experian plus Light Watch. Pays close attention to any address changes, non-credit loans, SSN trace, social media following, insurance and a full-service reconstruction.

3B monitoring and ID theft

This is the most comprehensive plan Credit Squad is offering. In other words, the full package! It offers three-bureau monitoring.


Research conducted in recent years shows that around 9 million people were victims of identity theft every year. If you were a victim or you are just worried, Credit Squad is a service that aims to cover a wide range of protection from credit monitoring to a whole lot more.

We are gonna talk about some services that are straight to the point and everyone can understand and benefit from them.

  • Credit score tracking – Credit Squad doesn’t just show the credit score changes but also the time
  • Credit monitoring – Monitors all of your credit scores, plus has access to reports from all three reporting bureaus
  • Light Watch – The company’s proprietary surveillance technology that tracks internet activity for stolen identity credentials
  • Change of Address – A weekly monitoring process of first and last name, address, ZIP code that enrolls in a person’s mail through UPS
  • Sex Offender – Detects sex offenders living in close proximity in a range of 50 states and Washington

In case you’re seeking identity theft protection, Credit Squad offers numerous appealing services. What separates them from the competition is their commitment to giving a genuine understanding and benefit, so that clients can ensure and optimize their credit scores.


  • US-based certified counselors are available 24/7
  • Different plans to choose from and cancel at any time
  • Handpick the information you want to be monitored
  • Quick alerts if your personal info is found
  • $1m insurance policy that is included in all the protection plans


  • New service without any track record
  • Credit scores are updated monthly, but customers would like it more if it was daily or weekly
  • Anywhere else, one-bureau monitoring is free

#4.LifeLock: Best For Identity Theft Insurance

LifeLock was founded in Arizona back in 2005. Twelve years later, in 2017, the antivirus company Norton purchased them. Not only is LifeLock among the top identity theft companies, but it also provides the best online protection.

You get a Norton 360 subscription with every LifeLock plan. These antivirus packages guard against spyware, malware, simple computer viruses and so much more by adding a layer of protection. The software updates automatically, so your security is always up to date.

You can probably guess what the name LifeLock suggests. It means that it lets you lock your credit easily. All three plans help you with detecting identity fraud. If you have more advanced plans, you can easily freeze your accounts and lock your inquiries with all three credit bureaus.

LifeLock is used by more than fifty million customers. That’s an awful lot of positive feedback.

Additionally, Norton 360 with LifeLock searches for all kinds of personal information on the dark web, including SSN, date of birth, email addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers and so much more. If someone is using your information for evil purposes, LifeLock will discover it.


Monitoring and alerts

LifeLock is known as the most user-friendly online interface that can provide monitoring services like

  • Theft prevention
  • Credit monitoring
  • Data breach notifications
  • Insurance coverage for identity theft up to $1 million

This company provides a wide range of monitoring and alerts. Like every brand in our article, you can have a great benefit from using identity theft protection, especially if you don’t have the time (or just the willpower) to pay close attention to your own credit and accounts for any suspicious activity.

LifeLock can also scout the dark web for your data and although it cannot be removed, you will be notified and you will know what is the next step to take. That may be changing your passwords or just freezing your account overall.

And, as we established, it’s always a good choice to get virus protection together with your identity theft service. With LifeLock that will cost a lot less and be easier to use than having two separate services to do the job, since the systems are primarily designed to work together.

Norton 360 antivirus software

Identity protection companies like LifeLock can help spot fraud early on, and their protective benefits can even stop it in its tracks. All of LifeLock’s plans also come with the added benefit of Norton 360 antivirus software, which helps secure your public information on public internet networks with a secure VPN.

Norton 360 can be downloaded to your computer as well as other devices you have like your smartphone, tablets, etc.


LifeLock offers several plans of coverage to help protect your identity. You can also go with the standard plan that goes without Norton 360, but since the price is exactly the same as LifeLock Select we recommend that you don’t miss out on a great piece of software.

Just a friendly reminder that LifeLock Select with Norton 360 option renews at a higher price after the first year.

Here are all the plans LifeLock has to offer–

LifeLock Select with Norton 360

It provides Social Security number alerts, identity alerts, stolen wallets, monitoring the dark web, a bunch of data breach notifications, UPS addresses and more. It comes with one bureau of credit monitoring. Also, you will get a VPN for five devices so you will be more peaceful while using public Wi-Fi networks.

LifeLock Advantage with Norton 360

With a higher price comes more features. With this plan, you’ll get one bureau credit monitoring, but also alerts if there is any activity in your bank account and credit card. There are antivirus softwares and VPNs for 10 devices, and notifications if your name was used in a crime or any different shady activity.

The plan also includes an annual credit score and reports with a compensation of up to $1million if you fall victim to identity theft.

LifeLock Ultimate with Norton 360

This is the top plan from LifeLock and the most complete so far. The Ultimate plan with Norton 360 comes with all the features from previous plans and more. It monitors with the support of all three credit bureaus, annual credit reports and scores, investment account alerts, credit reports, home monitoring and a VPN for an unlimited number of devices. If you have a substantial number of assets we recommend this plan with all the benefits of its coverage.

LifeLock Ultimate covers $1 million in identity theft insurance, while Advantage covers $100,000, and Select covers just $25,000.


  • Identity theft protection and credit monitoring
  • Credit monitoring
  • Device protection with Norton 360 antivirus
  • Insurance up to $1 million
  • Affordable first-year services


  • The Select Plan comes with limited features
  • No full-service family plan
  • The Ultimate plan is a little expensive

#5.ExtraCredit: Top ID Theft Site For Credit Monitoring

I know it’s odd at first to hear that you can get a very comprehensive identity theft protection from a company that’s primarily focused on credit monitoring. However, ExtraCredit does just that.

Founded in the ’90s just when the internet was becoming more popular, ExtraCredit has been on top of the list for leaders in the industry. With over a million customers to this date you are giving them nothing but a tap on the back.

This company’s services take credit monitoring a step further by providing a full identity protection package. It’s so much easier to deal with only one company for tracking, guarding and restoring your credit. Their ideology is “Credits are complicated. ExtraCredit is not”.

Monitoring your credit is as important as taking a daily shower. The fact that you can have constant access to your credit and allow you to be on top of all the activities with weekly reports can help you sleep much better.

Extra Credit allows you to keep a close watch on your credit and what steps to take in case of any criminal activity. Only this company gives you the scores and lenders, which can be very useful if you ask for new credit.


Credit monitoring

By signing up for ExtraCredit, you get immediate access to all 3 credit reports.

  • Experian
  • Transunion
  • Equifax

On the reports, you can notice every activity from credit history, loans, the balance on your account, credit utilization and more.

Experian, Transunion, and Equifax are the 3 credit bureaus. Their job is to get credit information from the lenders and present you with the same one in the form of a credit report. Not every lender reports to all three bureaus, and that’s why it’s a huge plus when you are covered with all of them, and you don’t miss out on any activity.


ExtraCredit is a different identity theft protection service, not just focusing on credit monitoring primarily. One of their great features is that it doesn’t have different plans; instead everyone pays $25 a month.

By going through a lot of ID protection reviews we’ve noticed that the price should be around $100 with the five services, so don’t miss out on a great deal with saving a couple of bucks. Also, if you are dissatisfied you can cancel at any time.


There are five categories of ExtraCredit services:

  • Build it – If you are struggling with poor credit, using this feature can help you report your rent and utilities to 2 of the bureaus, so you can receive a payment history of all the bills you are already paying. Just by using small steps, you can gradually add more credit.
  • Guard it – With this tool you can protect yourself by having a safety net of $1 million theft insurance, scanning the dark web, monitoring and more.
  • Reward it – Using this feature can help you get cash rewards if you apply and get approved from select offers that ExtraCredit has.
  • Restore it – This tool can help you get an exclusive discount with a trusted credit repair leader.

You also get 28 FICO scores, which are the most known score lenders, identity protection, personalized credit profile offers and more.

28 FICO scores

Before we start talking about the benefits of these features, let us quickly explain what a FICO is. FICO is a scoring model that produces your credit score, taking into consideration all of your credit information. After that, credit bureaus can pass along the credit score to you.

FICO has a lot of parameters that they can base your score on. Or, simply put, a different FICO scoring version will see different numbers.

That’s why it’s a huge plus when you have full coverage of all 28 FICO scores. Out of a hundred versions of your credit score, you only get one i.e. you get to see the scores that really matter.

After all, why should the lenders have more access to your many different scores than you yourself have?


  • The best for credit monitoring and rebuilding credit score
  • Identity theft insurance included
  • Monitoring dark web
  • One month low fee
  • Insurance up to $1 million
  • Coverage of 28 FICO scores


  • Limited plan options
  • No offering of a family plan

Best Identity Theft Protection Buying Guide

One of the key points that we put emphasis on, is that there is no company that can prevent identity theft. With that in mind, all identity protection companies are gonna monitor and keep a close watch on all of your activity. They are gonna send instant alerts and notifications that are gonna help you to take action or recover from the damage done.

Here are some features to look for while choosing an identity theft protection service.

Credit monitoring

Following your credit score is the first and probably most important step to take if you are concerned about someone stealing your identity. Following the actions on your report are crucial, since you know what actions have you done and which ones are suspicious activity.

Some of the companies for ID theft protection have credit reports from one credit bureau, which can be a good purchase. However, if you wanna feel extra safe, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for a brand that covers all three major credit bureaus.


The best identity theft protection services offer insurance coverage. All brands that we choose for our article have a reimbursement of $1 million in case you become a victim of identity theft. As regards attorney fees and all costs related to recovery, insurance becomes a total must. You shouldn’t settle for anything without it.

Dark web monitoring

The scariest part of the internet is the dark web. Without any search engines (and the fact that anyone can be anonymous) there’s no doubt that you should choose an ID theft protection service that can monitor it. A good protection service should monitor and scout through the dark web for any fraudulently using your information.

Family plan

We think a company for total protection should have a family plan as one of its features. A family plan allows you to feel safer for the people around you, whenever is your spouse, children, or parents. It’s also so much easier to handle and minimizes the risk of being a victim of identity theft to have one account than creating individual accounts for each family member.

How We Made This List For The Best Identity Theft Protection?

We had one specific goal in mind while writing this article, which is to help people who are scared of identity theft by thoroughly looking through the top 5 companies in the industry. There is no scenario where purchasing an ID theft protection service is considered a bad investment.We’ve narrowed down all the features and benefits of each brand with their variety of plans so you have all the information before making your decision.

Now you have all the information regarding the price. Whenever it’s on a daily, weekly or monthly fee, you know what you’re getting yourself into. We’ve also explained the insurance schemes of every company, to help you build a safety net if anything goes wrong. All of the identity theft protection companies have a huge spectrum of coverage by monitoring all your activity and you can choose which one will have you and your family covered. In today’s digital age when everything is online, needless to say, everyone can benefit from this service.

FAQ On Identity Theft Protection Services

What is the best identity theft protection service?

By doing our homework before writing this article, we suggest choosing from the five brands that we have reviewed; Aura, IdentityGuard, CreditSquad, LifeLock and ExtraCredit. We think they are dominating the market with a lot of results and features to show for.

Should I get identity theft protection service?

We suggest that everyone should get a protection service. No matter the age or the amount of credit you have, in today’s age where we have a ton of information flying around, a service that can help keep your wallet closed and sleep a little better is always a good choice.

While identity theft protection can’t completely prevent identity theft from happening, it can notify you so you can start taking action.

How much do identity theft monitoring services cost?

Prices can vary from $30 to $80 dollars a month, which adds up to a couple of hundred per year. Needless to say, the price depends on the number of features you decide to purchase with choosing the plan from every id theft protection company.

Some id theft protection services offer a free subscription for the first month, but we don’t recommend that simply because you won’t get any meaningful features, and also you won’t feel the need to step up your game and upgrade to a full package purchase.

Who is a likely victim of identity theft?

The major victims of identity theft are seniors over 60 years old. Some studies show that 3 in every 10 victims have experienced it twice, which is really scary and can make you feel so terrified of the whole digital age, that you keep your assets under your mattress just like in old times.

Also, the estimated damage cost of US families is nearly $1 billion every year from identity theft.

Conclusion: Best Identity Theft Protection

Keeping your online profiles safe from identity thieves was never more important. Using one of the best identity theft protection services can go a long way. With tons of data breaches continuing to infect businesses around the world, there’s no doubt that people should be scared of getting their identities stolen.

We did our job and narrowed down the tools that can help with that, and give you a more peaceful good night’s sleep. Having established the usefulness of identity protection services and their features, now it’s up to you to choose the correct one and put your mind at ease!

Best Identity Theft Protection Services To Get In 2022

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