Labor Law Firms Zakay Law Group, APLC and JCL Law Firm, APC, File Class Action Lawsuit Against PFFC of Blythe, Inc. (Popeyes) Alleging Failure to Pay All Wages Due

The lawsuit alleges PFFC of Blythe, Inc. (Popeyes) violated the California Labor Code by failing to pay employees for all of their time worked.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) December 31, 2021

The Los Angeles County labor law attorneys, at Zakay Law Group, APLC and JCL Law Firm, APC, filed a class action complaint against PFFC of Blythe, Inc., a Popeyes franchisee (“Popeyes”), for allegedly failing to provide employees with legally-compliant meal and rest breaks. The Popeyes class action lawsuit, Case No. CVBL2100291, is currently pending in the Riverside Superior Court of the State of California. A copy of the Complaint can be read here.

According to the lawsuit, Popeyes allegedly violated California Labor Code Sections §§ 201, 202, 203, 204, 210, 226, 226.7, 246, 510, 512, 551, 552, 1194, 1197, 1197.1, 1198, and 2802 by failing to: (1) pay overtime wages; (2) pay minimum wages; (3) provide required meal and rest periods; (4) reimburse employees for required business expenses; (5) provide accurate itemized wage statements; (6) provide wages when due; and (7) pay reporting time wages.

As a result of their rigorous work schedules, Popeyes’ employees were allegedly unable to take off duty meal breaks and were not fully relieved of duty for meal periods. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges employees were from time to time interrupted during their off-duty meal breaks to complete tasks for Popeyes. Employees were allegedly required to perform work as ordered by Popeyes for more than five (5) hours during a shift without receiving an off-duty meal break. Further, the lawsuit alleges Popeyes failed to provide employees with a second off-duty meal period each workday in which these employees were required by Popeyes to work ten (10) hours of work. Popeyes’ policy allegedly caused employees to remain on-call and on-duty during what was supposed to be their off-duty meal periods. Employees therefore allegedly forfeited meal breaks without additional compensation and in accordance with Popeyes’ strict corporate policy and practice.

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