Storm just beginning for Hurricane Ian insurance claims.

Betty Q. Hixson


As Hurricane Ian unleashes its fury on the affected areas, insurance companies are bracing for a surge in insurance claims. The aftermath of a hurricane can be chaotic, and the insurance claims process can be overwhelming for policyholders.


According to RMS, insurance companies are preparing for a storm of claims, with the estimated insured losses from Hurricane Ian ranging from $53 billion to $74 billion. Filing an insurance claim for hurricane damage typically involves several steps.


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First, policyholders need to assess the damages to their property and document them with photos and videos. It’s essential to gather evidence of the damages, including structural damage, water intrusion, and loss of personal belongings. This documentation will be crucial in supporting the insurance claim.


Next, policyholders should contact their insurance company as soon as possible to report the damages and initiate the claims process. Insurance companies may have specific procedures and forms that need to be followed, so it’s important to be proactive in contacting them.


The insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to assess the damages and determine the amount of coverage based on the policy terms and conditions. Policyholders should be prepared for possible delays in the claims process due to the high volume of claims that insurance companies may receive after a hurricane.


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It’s important to be patient and follow up with the insurance company if there are any delays or issues with the claims process. Keeping thorough records of all communication and documentation related to the claim can help policyholders stay organized and ensure a smooth claims process.


Once the claims adjuster assesses the damages and determines the coverage, the insurance company will provide a settlement offer to the policyholder. It’s crucial for policyholders to review the settlement offer carefully and ask questions if anything is unclear.


Policyholders can negotiate and dispute the settlement offer if they believe it is inadequate. Seeking legal advice from a qualified attorney or public adjuster may be beneficial in ensuring a fair settlement.


It’s also important for policyholders to be aware of their policy coverage and deductible. Deductibles are the amount that policyholders are responsible for paying out of pocket before insurance coverage kicks in.

In the case of hurricanes, some insurance policies may have separate deductibles specifically for wind or hurricane damage, which can be higher than the regular deductible. Policyholders should review their policies and understand their deductible obligations when filing a claim.


In addition to property damage, policyholders may be eligible for additional coverage for additional living expenses (ALE) or loss of use. ALE coverage typically provides reimbursement for temporary housing, meals, and other expenses incurred while the policyholder’s home is uninhabitable due to hurricane damage.


In conclusion, the storm is just beginning for insurance claims related to Hurricane Ian. Policyholders must be prepared for the claims process, which may involve documenting damages, contacting the insurance company, reviewing settlement offers, and understanding policy coverage and deductibles.


When needed, patience, thorough documentation, and seeking professional advice can help policyholders navigate the insurance claims process and ensure fair compensation for the damages incurred from Hurricane Ian.


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