Title 42 is not an immigration law and has no place on our border

Betty Q. Hixson

In 2020, Title 42 paused all asylum proceedings at the border as a tool to slow the spread of COVID. But two years later, the intentions behind this policy are clear: it was never really about COVID. As long as this farcical policy, spurred on by COVID and maintained by activist judges, remains in place, we risk losing a core American value: compassion. 

Title 42 has done little to stop the spread of COVID, but its application on the border has greatly eroded the rule of law for asylum-seekers.  Since the aftermath of WWII, America has offered a refuge to people fleeing political persecution, totalitarian regimes, and war and violence in their home countries. Yet now a vaccinated refugee who can quickly be tested and given an N-95 mask must wait indefinitely in a refugee camp at the border — because of COVID?  


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