What to Do After an Auto Accident

Betty Q. Hixson

Accidents occur unintentionally. However, we should drive safely to avoid such situations from occurring. According to the national highway traffic safety administration, approximately more than 5 million car accidents occur in the United States. Being involved in either major or minor crashes can be frustrating as you are left agitated, and you may lack the ability to think logically. Therefore, everyone must know what steps to take after getting involved in an accident. Below are some of the essential steps to follow.


When you find yourself a victim in an accident, stop the car and never run off from the scene, even if you are at fault. Pull over your vehicle carefully by the roadside to avoid blocking the lane, hence creating traffic. It is best you park in a public area where citizens can see you and the other driver. If it’s challenging to move the car, get your passengers and move them away from the scene.

In some cases, your vehicle may be hit from behind, and you might be a victim of an intentional accident. You must keep calm and use warning lights to alert other vehicles in the same lane. Even if you are feeling perplexed, it’s important you have a plan that will help you get through the occurrence and protect your rights in a potential legal claim.

Protect the Passengers and Pets

After pulling over, it can be simple to be preoccupied with tension and make blunders that can lead to more severe injuries. Save the lives of the people and pets inside the car and check for injuries when an accident occurs. Pick any valuable items from your car before exiting the vehicle. If you have kids on board, you can ask the first responder to assist you in getting into the car seat since they can notice incurred injuries you can’t see.

Contact the Emergency Rescue Teams or Law enforcement

When your passengers and pets are in a harmless space, you can contact an ambulance if there are injured people. Remember, health comes first. After contacting the medical practitioners, you can call the police and report an accident. When contacting them, please give your full details, the location where the accident has occurred, and any directions on the road that can be useful to help them find you.

Please do not hang up until they confirm that help is on the way. If the police arrive at the scene and fail to record a statement of what happened, take the extra-step of going to the station and report the incident. A filed report will be necessary during legal proceedings as evidence to get compensation. Report the matter as soon as you can because most states have a deadline of three days after the accident.

General Conversation with the Other Driver

Before involving law enforcement, determine if you and the other driver can calmly solve the matter. During the conversation, avoid admitting mistakes that are not yours because your claims will be used against you during the legal process. Only the insurance companies can examine which party was at fault, so avoid oversharing information.

Auto Insurance Claim

Ensure you have medical bills, reports, pictures, videos of the site, the other party’s insurance name and contacts, and all the required information before filing an insurance claim. Your Lancaster auto accident attorney will represent you legally, and if you have none, you can research online for firms that offer the services you need. Choose an experienced, professional, and convenient attorney to represent you and ensure you gain compensation.

Accidents may leave you in an overwhelming state, but it is easy to solve such issues with the above guide. They are essential since they allow you to work with insurance companies to get your vehicle repaired steadily and help you protect your rights.

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